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“It always makes me happy . . .”

February 09, 2018

Today on our World Prayer Tour, we visit the sub-Saharan country of Ghana.

Surprisingly, Ghana’s official language is English, but more than seven million—about a quarter of the population—speak Twi.

That’s the language broadcast that this grateful listener listens to, she says, “every evening time.” Here’s more from her encouraging letter:

“It always makes me happy when I hear your Bible teaching every evening. I received many answers and solutions for the questions and problems I meet every day. Previously when I had Bible questions, it took me a long time to understand the right meaning. Now, I don’t need to worry about any question or problems, because your radio program is with me every evening to educate me. Not only answers to questions, but your program is helping me lead the right life. Pray for me and I’ll pray God will bless you, too.”

Let’s pray for her right now—

Father, thank You for faithful men and women of God in every country on earth. We remember Your followers today in Ghana. Bless them and keep them by Your grace, amen.

Next week, we’re traveling on our knees through Europe.