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Off the wrong path, into God’s hands

March 09, 2018

Raj from Goa, India, wrote to us recently about how his life went from spiraling down the wrong path to being safe in God’s hands.

Perhaps his story has a familiar ring to it—and perhaps you’re praying for someone you love to make a turnaround like this. Keep reading and be encouraged to keep praying:

“I come from a Christian family. I regularly attended church, but my life was messed up because my personal relationship with God was not right. The list of my filthy habits was long, and inside I felt tormented that I would never escape the dark spiral.

“One day I came across your program in Marathi. The preacher was speaking from Isaiah 35:8 and 1 John 1:9. He explained the true Christian life acceptable before God. It was a mirror to me of my sinfulness. The message from the Word made my heart burst out in repentance. A ray of hope, joy, peace, and satisfaction flooded into my life after repenting of my sinful life. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and committed my life into His safe hands. Now I can say that I am a true Christian because now I am a new creation in Him.

“Day by day, I am growing spiritually in God by listening to your program. Today I am at peace and satisfied because Jesus has taken all my sins away and cleansed me by His blood. Now I share my life story with others. Pray that I may be a channel through which many could come to Christ.”

Let’s pray right now for Raj and others like him who’ve experienced God’s mercy and grace and are now telling others about it. In his words, let’s pray that we all can be channels through which many will come to Christ.

Be with us next week as we travel to Africa.