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Praying for listeners in Israel

April 10, 2018

“I have been listening to your programs in Arabic since I was ten years old. They give a great spiritual benefit to all listeners. Thank you for sharing God’s Word, which strengthens my faith. Please keep praying for us.”

That’s the update we hear from one listener in Israel today. Another Arabic listener recently shared,

“Your program is a guide for my life. I appreciate your hard work and that you really care and encourage us to know the Lord’s will in our lives. Please pray as there is much unrest in the hearts and souls of so many people here.”

Those are great requests! Let’s honor them today and lift up the many people who call Israel home. And please pray for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts that are available in Arabic and Hebrew. May people hear God’s Word and find the source of true peace that He offers us in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow’s journey takes us to the mysterious country of Jordan. We hope you’ll join us and invite a friend!