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Praying for our listeners in Nepal

May 08, 2018

Bordered by China to the north and India to the south, many people travel to Nepal to study its unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism.

In recent years, earthquakes have impacted many of our listeners. Some have lost loved ones, others their homes and livelihoods. So while other ministry partners meet the physical needs of the people of Nepal, will you pray that Thru the Bible will reach into hearts to meet the deeper spiritual needs of the people in Nepal?

And as you pray, please remember to intercede for our brave brothers and sisters, like this gentleman and his wife, who are willing to share their faith with their neighbors during devastating times:

“I have found your programs and am pleased to hear the Bible explained so clearly. Now my wife and I spend our evenings eagerly listening. We used to wait for the evening news … we are now blessed instead to hear the ‘Good News.’ Although I am 70 years old, I am grateful to learn such wonderful and new things from God’s Word. I share them with the families in my village and hope to be a blessing. Please keep broadcasting … we need these lessons now more than ever.”

Thank you for joining us in the privilege of prayer.

Our journey continues tomorrow in Punjab, India, please meet us there.