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“I was pushing myself towards the power of darkness …”

May 09, 2018

“I was pushing myself towards the power of darkness ….” That’s what one listener named Gudiya tells us today as our world prayer journey takes us to Punjab, India.

She explains:

“I was brought up in a strict religious atmosphere. I was required to fulfill all the rituals of my religion and I did so gladly. Everyone in our village used to present me as an example of a devoted and dedicated young woman. But I became ill and violent. As the days passed, I was becoming physically very weak.

“As my situation grew worse, my husband ran into a friend at the market and told him about my condition. This kind man and his friend made a visit to our home and began to pray for me. They also introduced us to Thru the Bible. From that day forward we became regular listeners. Through these studies we came to know the real God, His love, and power. Today, I am healthy and I share my story with everyone I meet. Christianity isn’t popular here, and it’s certainly not popular in my extended family. So many live and worship in darkness like I did. Please pray that the light of God’s Word will change their hearts.”

Let’s honor that great request. As we pray, please ask that the broadcasting of God’s Word will spread like wildfire and overwhelm the darkness in Punjab and all of India.

Our journey continues tomorrow in Kerala, India . . . hop aboard and join us.