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“Only God can dry my tears …”

May 31, 2018

“Each and every day that I am down, you give me hope.”

That’s the encouragement one listener of Thru the Bible’s Gikuyu language program in Kenya sent to us recently. She continues,

“Please continue teaching the gospel, and surely you will go far in strengthening many broken hearts like mine. Through your words I have realized that God is the only one who can give me strength, the only one who can dry my tears. I am 24 years old and feel like an old woman. But through your messages I know it will not always be like this. I pray more people will hear your programs in the Gikuyu language. Surely God will lift their sorrow as well.”

Today let’s pray for all those who are brokenhearted in Kenya and around the world. Through His Word, let’s ask God to give them His strength and peace in the midst of the pain and sadness they are experiencing.

Thanks for joining us on World Prayer Today. Please come along tomorrow as we travel to Benin.