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“I trusted Him and He did not put me to shame.”

June 20, 2018

We’re traveling through India today. Our sister Madhabi, a young widow, tells us her moving story:

“I am a new listener of the Thru the Bible Bengali program—just one year now. I belonged to another faith but I was wedded to a Christian boy. He brought me to church and read the Bible with me, but I was not very interested in knowing about God.

“At 27, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, suffered, and died very soon. The entire burden of providing for my children and looking after my family came upon me. I worked very hard with little result. I also was harassed sexually by my employer. He spread rumors about me. I was in deep trouble and sorrow.

“My neighbor introduced me to your program in January 2014 and assured me that God would give me victory over these problems in life. I started listening to the Word regularly and remembered how my husband loved Jesus. I cried to the Lord with a broken spirit. I cast my burdens unto Him and waited patiently for an answer.

“I thank and praise God—after knowing Him, I trusted Him and He did not put me to shame. Now I love the Lord Jesus Christ, go to church regularly, teach my children about God, and continue to grow in the Lord. This program has helped me immensely. I am very happy. Thank you for your prayers.”

The World Prayer Team has often prayed for the people of India. What a great encouragement to see one life that the Lord has brought to Him since we’ve been praying together.

You’ll hear more of these encouraging stories from Pakistan when you join us tomorrow here on World Prayer Today.