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Why so many languages?

June 21, 2018

If you’ve been on the prayer team for a while, you’re already praying for the more than 5,000 Radio Home Groups that meet across India, listening to Thru the Bible in more than 50 different languages. But that’s just the beginning of the vision. By the year 2020, the Indian leaders want to double the number of groups studying with us to more than 150 languages. In Pakistan, a similar initiative has brought more than 1000 groups together to study God’s Word.

Why so many languages? Because we have learned that if you want to reach someone’s heart with the Word of God, it’s much more effective to communicate with them in their “heart language,” often referred to as their “mother tongue.”

Pray today for spiritual fruit to grow in South Asia—specifically in India and Pakistan. Ask God to provide the funds and the people to translate Thru the Bible content into an additional 90+ languages for these new groups to reach a potential audience of 133 million. Ask in faith that God would open doors and hearts so that many thousands will encounter God’s Word in new ways.

Tomorrow, let’s join together to intercede for a family in India as they turn to Jesus.