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Survivors and outcasts … pray for the Romani

August 06, 2018

Their names are as mysterious as their origins: Often called the Roma or the Romani people, they're also known as Gitanos in Spain, Kale in Finland and Portugal, Manush or Gitan in France, and Travelers in Scandinavia. But almost everywhere they go, they're referred to—usually scornfully—as gypsies.

Throughout their long history, these people whom God loves have been the focus of intense persecution and survival.

They live mostly in Europe today, making up almost 12 percent of the populations of Romania and Bulgaria, with millions more throughout Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Serbia, Spain, and France. But no matter where they go, the Roma seem to be unwelcomed.

Praise God for this exciting report from our European ministry partner: Since most Roma do not know how to read, their only way to learn the gospel is to hear it. “Over the last seven years TWR-Romania has distributed more than 6,000 fixed-tuned solar panel radios to the Romani listeners inside and around Romania. The radios allow Roma people throughout the region to listen to Thru the Bible programs in their own dialect.”

Pray today for God to reach this neglected and troubled people group with the hope of Jesus Christ! Pray specifically for the effectiveness of the media players to reach the Romani looking for new life in Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow as our prayer team travels to Albania.