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The best way to share the gospel: Live it

August 09, 2018

We’re praying through Central Europe together this week. Many of these small countries are still recovering socially and economically from decades of war and the control of Communism.

Bulgaria fought on the losing side of both World Wars and was controlled by the Soviet government beginning in 1946. When Communism fell in 1990, Bulgaria’s biggest battle was again inflation, unemployment, corruption, and crime. All this conflict has left the spiritual climate in Bulgaria lacking life and motivation.

As always, the best tool in sharing the good news of Jesus is Christians themselves—our lives, our joy, our changed hearts. Other kinds of evangelistic methods feel “foreign” and overly aggressive to Bulgarians. God is at work among Bulgarians, more often through His church and then supported by the broadcast ministry of Thru the Bible.

When Thru the Bible is translated by a local person who understands his own people’s spiritual needs and can communicate the hope of the gospel in a voice that sounds like their own, people listen. If you have an extra few minutes, listen in as Gregg Harris interviews the head of TWR-Bulgaria, Dr. Stoyko Petkov.

As we pray for this spiritually discouraged people, ask for strength for every Bulgarian Christian—to live in joyful obedience to Jesus Christ, and that their changed-life testimonies would communicate the gospel with compelling clarity.

We’ll continue our prayer trek around eastern Europe tomorrow when we visit Hungary.