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Good news from Malawi

August 13, 2018

“A mile wide and an inch deep…”

That’s how many people characterize the growth of Christianity in Africa, because there’s a shortage of trained pastors and church leaders.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re so glad to have you join us as we travel on our knees praying for God’s Word to reach the whole world. This week our travels bring us to the continent of Africa, where Thru the Bible is privileged to broadcast in over 25 different languages and dialects.

Today, let’s take a few moments to praise God and celebrate that His Word can be heard in even the poorest of countries, like Malawi where Thru the Bible is heard in the national language of Chichewa.

As one young man recently texted us:

“Glory to God! I just received Christ listening to your program. May God continue to favor all who work for Him.”

And another listener wrote:

Thru the Bible is the light that brought me to knowing Jesus Christ as the Savior of my life. I listen each day and pray the Lord will work in my heart and make me a better man.”

And finally this letter from a businesswoman:

“I listen to you every day. I am a baker with a small shop, and sometimes I get so lost in your program I have to stop making my fritters so that I can listen to Scripture and read along. I encourage my customers to listen as well. May God bless you for giving us hope and life through His Word.”

As God brings them to mind, please pray for all of Thru the Bible’s listeners in Malawi today. And praise Him too for the life changing work He is doing in our hearts as well.

Come pray with us tomorrow as we travel on our knees through Madagascar.