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“God has shown us mercy and we are not afraid …”

August 28, 2018

As we travel and pray that God’s Word will reach the whole world, a listener in the southern state of Karnataka, India, wants to encourage us.

“Rejoice! The Word of God can revive a drooping spirit. It is a weapon against the wicked and a tool that shapes and molds one’s life. Although we have been oppressed and attacked, God has shown us mercy and we are not afraid.

“Through your program we have the strength and knowledge to preach the Word of God to others, and many of us turn up our radios at night so that our neighbors can hear your message of beauty. Please do not stop praying … too many here are devoted to worthless rituals and worship empty statues. Thank you for helping us spread the eternal Word of God.”

Pray today for the safety of Christians in Karnataka who are faithfully sharing God’s Word, and let’s ask God to multiply the work of their hands so that many more will come to know and worship Him.

Our prayer journey through India continues tomorrow with a stop in Chhattisgarh. We hope you’ll join us!