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No roads, no electricity … no problem

August 30, 2018

As we pray our way through India this week, today we stop in Jharkhand, one of India’s youngest states. Known as the “Land of Forests and Hills,” Jharkhand is home to some of India’s poorest people.

But it’s here in the midst of dense forests and rocky hills that God’s Word is taking root in the lives of those who listen to Thru the Bible in the language of Maithili. As one man recently wrote:

“I live in the countryside where there is little education, roads, and electricity. We have been struggling for all these things generation after generation. I have a family and we all live in the village and do agriculture work. We were having a lot of problems, so a neighbor loaned us a radio to listen to your program. Shortly after I began listening, I felt a peace come over our home.

“I am a short-tempered man and have lots of bad habits. But as l started listening to your Maithili program, God spoke to my heart and I found that I wanted to change my life. Since my family has seen the change in me, they have begun to listen. I want to thank you for helping me to know the one true God.”

Today let’s praise God that His Word can be heard in small villages and communities in Jharkhand. And let’s ask Him to bless the broadcasting of His Word in the Maithili language so that more people will come to know the hope and peace He offers through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow as we journey to Maharashtra.