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Good news from eastern Europe’s heartland

September 20, 2018

You have many brothers and sisters in Christ in the country of Ukraine. The gospel is well received in this heartland of the European continent.

When the Soviet Union dominated this region, Ukraine was called “the breadbasket of Russia,” since most of the region’s farmland was found here. The hard-working Ukrainian tradition still provides much of Europe’s grain.

As you pray today for Ukrainians, pray that their love of life, culture, music, arts, and community are built upon their love for Jesus. Intercede for those seeking the Lord for wisdom, for truth, and for provision.

Mr. Bellenov from Volyn province, Ukraine, recently wrote:

“My wife and I are constant listeners to your programs. There is so much spiritual strength to be gained from them! There is no evening during which we are not listening. There is always something new about Jesus, and that is so inspiring. Thank you for bringing joy, encouragement, and hope into our house. Thank you for reminding us to be ready to meet God.”

We travel tomorrow to a country that desperately needs prayer: Uzbekistan.