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“I thought I wasn’t good enough for God…”

October 29, 2018

“Like many people here, I was afraid to pick up the Bible and read it.”

Welcome to World Prayer Today. That’s the way a listener of our Amharic broadcast in Ethiopia began her letter to us. Listen now as she explains more,

“I was afraid because I can’t read well and I thought I couldn’t understand it. I was afraid because I thought I wouldn’t be good enough for God. But since I became a regular listener of your program, God has been knocking at the door of my heart. Now, I have no fear and I read a little each day, praise God! Thank you for the many truths and courage you’ve given me. There are many here who can’t read, and I praise God that through you they can hear God’s Word and know Him. Please keep broadcasting.”

She’s right—more than two-thirds of Ethiopians can’t read or write. So today let’s praise God that He uses Thru the Bible to knock at the door of their hearts with His Word. Through these efforts, let’s pray more people will come to know and love our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our prayer journey through Africa continues tomorrow in Somalia, please join us.