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Proof that God is answering our prayers

November 28, 2018

God is at work answering our prayers! That’s what we are celebrating all month long here at World Prayer Today.

Do you want proof? Check out this letter from Harun, a listener in Assam, India.

“There are around 1600 people in my village and there is no Christian church here or in any of the villages nearby. So imagine my surprise when I turned on the radio and heard your program! I began listening a little here and there. It was not long after that I surrendered my life to God. In a short time I will become a father, and I am so grateful that your programs will help me to teach my child the truth. To God be the glory.”

Praise God that His Word does not return void! Today let’s thank the Lord that the broadcasting of His Word is changing lives all over the world. And let’s ask God to encourage isolated believers like Harun.

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate with a young missionary in Peru.