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The celebration continues…

December 03, 2018

Today on World Prayer Today, we celebrate the miraculous way God is at work bringing to Himself those who were once far off (Ephesians 2:13). 

Celebrate with praise to the Lord for people like this brother in an unnamed Muslim country who came to Jesus through the broadcast of God’s Word:

“I am from a Muslim family but turned to Jesus as a result of my recovery from an illness. Someone from my community prayed over me in the name of Jesus Christ. He was bold and confident and entrusted me to God’s hand for His will to be done. When I recovered, I investigated Jesus myself on your program. I then gave my life to Him. Your program helps me so much. I especially enjoy listening in my own language, Bambara. My faith is built and I am trained in the knowledge and wisdom of the Bible. Pray for me because I am persecuted by my family because of my faith. Thanks to you, I cannot return to my previous Muslim way of life, but it is difficult.”

Let’s thank the Lord together for courageous people who share the name of Jesus with their neighbors and, one by one, see their countries turn to God.

Join us tomorrow as the celebration continues right here on World Prayer Today.