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“I couldn’t accept a God who was against me …”

December 14, 2018

In the midst of tense rivalry between staunch nationalists and radical Islamists, you might be surprised to hear that God’s Word is taking root in the country of Turkey.

Listen to the story of one Thru the Bible listener who called us to say:

“I’m twenty-nine years old and I never thought about death or about life after death. But after a very serious accident I stayed at the hospital for a long time. During that time I started to listen to your program. I had heard about heaven and hell according to Islam, but what the Bible said was something new to me. Slowly and surely my life changed, my heart changed, and I decided to give my life to Christ. Thank you for showing me the way.”

And a young woman wrote us this heartfelt letter:

“It’s hard to be a woman in this country. The view of my family’s religion is why I became an atheist. I couldn’t accept a God who was against me. Then, a friend gave me a Bible. About the same time, I found your program by accident on the radio and started to listen. You were talking about a totally different God. I have listened to your programs for eight months now and I have decided to give my life to my one and only Savior and to the God who loves and cares about me.”

Praise God for the faith of these listeners and the many other Turks who choose to follow Jesus despite the bitterness and persecution they may encounter. Let’s continue to pray that the broadcasting of God’s Word flourishes in this Muslim-dominant land.

Join us next week as the celebration of praise continues here on World Prayer Today.