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“I asked God for His Word … and now I have it”

December 26, 2018

One of the most beautiful insights we receive when we pray country by country around the world is how we share a love for God and His Word.

Today, as we continue to celebrate how God is at work around the world, our hearts are touched by three emails received from brothers and sisters living in the three largest cities in Armenia:

From Gyumri: “During the Soviet times, my people were forbidden to spread the Word. My father was a Communist and he forbade us to go to church, because he was afraid of being fired from the party. Praise the Lord that today my father reads the Bible more than we do! He follows your programs through the whole Word of God. Let’s hear it for freedom and the truth that sets us free! Thank you so much, World Pray-ers.”

From Yerevan: Thru the Bible is a blessing for our family. My wife is handicapped and cannot go out. She always listens to the radio and reads the Bible. She looks forward to your programs every day, carefully listens, and then we discuss the Word together and she teaches me. Thank you very much for stirring her heart and then mine.”

From Vanadzor: “Hello. Thank you for your teaching. I do not have a Bible, so I write down every verse you read. I listen to the rebroadcast to fill in any words I miss. Thank you for getting me God’s holy Scripture. I asked Him for His Word for my heart and now I have it—little by little.”

Thank God today for something in these testimonies that touched your heart and join with us again tomorrow to pray around the world.