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You’ve got a friend in Turkmenistan

January 09, 2019

You’ve got a friend in Turkmenistan! Receive her greeting:

“I am enjoying your program, and I want to tell you that every time you greet us or send greetings from other listeners, I always respond back to your greetings with a friendly hello in Jesus’ name. I know that you cannot hear me, but I wanted you to know that you have a friend in the audience. I have listened to your programs for seven years now and find tremendous joy in God’s holy Word.”

In a nation inhospitable to plants and animals—with a spiritual life to match—God’s Word brings an oasis of life and health to those who will listen. The only two legal religions in Turkmenistan are Sunni Islam (89%) and Russian Orthodoxy (9%)—all other faiths are ruthlessly persecuted.

Pray for house churches held in secret throughout the country. Ask for Bibles to be shared within fellowships and in homes. Pray for freedom to worship Jesus without fear.

Join us tomorrow on World Prayer Today as we head to Turkmenistan’s neighboring nation, Uzbekistan.