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“You are my only source … I rely on you daily.”

January 15, 2019

“When my life goes through mountains and valleys, I cannot find refuge in anyone or anything but the Word of God.”

That’s what we hear today from a woman in Iraq. Her wisdom continues,

“For my safety I cannot tell you my name or where I live, but I can tell you that the words you speak bring me life. Please do not stop broadcasting. I really want you to continue to help me in knowing the Lord and His Word. You are the only source I have … and I rely on you daily. Although I do not know any other believers, I know I am not alone. As you pierce the darkness in our world, your work will not be easy … but keep up the good fight. I am praying for you and I am praying many more Iraqis will hear God’s Word and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.”

What wonderful words of encouragement. Today let’s join this brave saint in praying God’s Word will change many hearts and lives throughout Iraq.

Thank you for joining us in the privilege of prayer. The journey continues tomorrow as we pray for Thru the Bible’s Arabic language broadcasts in Kuwait.