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Nothing is too big for God

February 01, 2019

Since 1983, Thru the Bible has been broadcasting God’s Word in the Navajo language. And while listener responses are rare, we know this ministry effort is not in vain.

Thanks for joining us today as we travel through the Navajo Nation located in parts of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, asking God to continue His work in the lives of these people He desperately loves.

To give us some details, Thru the Bible’s Navajo producer, Thomas Woods, asks us to intercede in a few specific ways.

“Thank you for your prayers. The physical and spiritual needs of the Navajo can seem overwhelming, but we know nothing is too big for our God. Please pray that each broadcast will be a source of inspiration and biblical knowledge for believers and pastors in the Navajo community. Then please pray for revival . . . that many would come to know Christ. And lastly please pray that as they come to Christ they would receive His hope . . . the only Hope that will heal the hurts of the past and give them a bright and glorious future in His presence.”

There we have it! “Nothing is too big for our God.” Thank you for standing with Thomas and all of us today as we join together in prayer for the Navajo nation.

Next week we’ll pray our way through Africa. Please join us.