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Praying for the isolated

February 14, 2019

“Even in my loneliness I know God can use me. I praise Him for showing me that.”

That’s the encouraging word we receive today from a listener in Hungary. Listen as he shares more:

“I live a long way from my church and as I get older, I can’t make it very often any more. I began to feel depressed. Then one day my daughter presented me with a radio. When I found your program I was so happy.  Now instead of feeling sad, I receive spiritual food from you and pray for the Hungarian people to know the Lord Jesus Christ through the radio!”

Today let’s lift up all those believers who are feeling isolated and alone. Ask God to encourage and engage them, just as He is using this gentleman in Hungary for His glory.

Thanks for joining together in the privilege of prayer. Tomorrow we’ll look forward to being together again as we travel on our knees to Poland.