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A nation coming out of seclusion

February 19, 2019

In our generation, we’ve seen a miracle happen in Myanmar. For decades, the entire nation was definitively closed to all outsiders. Gone were the days when Burma (the country’s former name) was evangelized by missionaries like Adoniram Judson.

Yet today, the country is tentatively stepping out of seclusion and asking for a place on the world stage. This new confidence has revealed a nation divided in extremes between modern and ancient, wealthy and impoverished, educated and illiterate, Buddhist (90%) and Christian (10%, thanks to early missionary heritage).  

A Burmese listener named Chit Chit recently called us and expressed,

“I am very thankful to receive Burmese Thru the Bible from Genesis to Revelation on SD cards. I listen repeatedly anytime, anywhere, until I understand and learn more biblical knowledge for spiritual growth. I invite my neighbors to listen to the Bible lessons together with me. Please pray for them to understand the Bible more and to walk with Christ.”

Another Burmese listener wrote briefly,

“I receive much spiritual strength by listening to your radio lessons while I am working in the fields. I continue in our study of the book of Isaiah in Burmese and receive peace of mind by being emancipated from the bondage of sin. Jesus is victor!”

Are you encouraged by the reach and power of the gospel to change our hearts and transform our minds? Pray for the people of Myanmar as they emerge from their seclusion to find newness of life in Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow as our prayer journey takes us to Australia.