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Ask God to bring hope, joy, and peace to Rwanda

March 14, 2019

Welcome to Rwanda, where Thru the Bible reaches millions of listeners in the Kinyarwanda language, here and in neighboring countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Let’s join together in prayer for our producer, Parfait Mtamvutsa, and his team as they seek to share God’s Word and meet the spiritual needs of listeners in this war-torn and violent area of the world.

As a bit of background, it’s been almost 25 years since the horrific Rwandan genocide, but the nation and those surrounding it still suffer from political strife. And with more than 5 million people under the age of 18, many children are orphaned, hungry, homeless, and victims of disease and exploitation.

As we know, only God can bring healing and meet these great needs. So with the recording and airing of each broadcast, let’s ask Him to bring hope, peace, and joy to the lives of those who hear His Word and call on His name.

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to South Africa. Join us!