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“I was always worried about my faith”

May 14, 2019

Pray today for Jesus to be made known among unreached peoples in hard-to-access locations—like Nepal.

Eight of the world’s ten highest mountains can be found in Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains. Most notably, Mount Everest. Nepal’s geographic isolation and a long-ruling monarchy have contributed to its being one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries in the world.

From western Nepal, we heard from a man named Kailash from a small village of Bane district. He relayed this message through a translator:

“I was always worried about my faith. I’ve been a believer since 2010. I heard about your program and I began listening to it. I really wanted to grow up spiritually, but I am illiterate and can’t read the Bible. But when I started listening to this program I found it easy to understand the true Word of God. This program has nurtured me spiritually. It has protected me from false doctrines. I really thank God for providing such a blessed program through TWR-Nepal.”

Praise God that His Word reaches even those in impossibly remote places on earth. Pray for Kailash and the dozens of people groups in Nepal—that they would hear and respond to the greatest message on earth: God loves them and has provided a way for them to have eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow we’ll lift up a people who are isolated culturally from the truth. Join us on your knees!