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A light into the Sikh community

May 15, 2019

Meet a new sister from the Sikh community:

“My name is Kashmir. We come from a Sikh community in Punjab, India, and did not know about Jesus. We have two school-age sons. My husband is a green grocer. He listens to the radio in his shop. Three months back, I took the radio home and tuned it to a Christian station. There we heard Thru the Bible’s Punjabi program. In this program the book of Isaiah was being discussed. From that day I regularly started to listen.

“I soon understood how to be free of our belief in the endless trap of karma and continual reincarnation. I learned about God’s redemptive love toward sinful man and that of course we do not deserve God’s grace and never could. My salvation is dependent upon the person and work of Jesus.

“This new understanding gave me such peace and joy from God’s Word. It was during this time that I accepted Christ into my life as my personal Saviour and Lord.

“My husband has also started listening to the program. Initially he stood against me, but as he began listening every day, he has also started to believe in Jesus. He is yet to fully surrender his life to Christ, but he is slowly opening up to God and His Word. Please pray for him and for my spiritual growth.”

Let us gladly and eagerly lift up this couple living in the Punjab region of India—and the approximately 23 million in the Sikh community worldwide. Ask that they would see the beautiful truth of grace in God’s Word.

Tomorrow, join us as we pray through another region in India.