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How did you come into the fold?

June 21, 2019

Amaresh in Andhra Pradesh, India, reminds us of all our stories: “God in His mercy had a way of dealing with me and bringing me to His fold.”

For Amaresh, a young girl who had never heard about Jesus, life changed the day someone just asked her if she’d like to listen to some good news.

“One day, when I was studying in a home next to a church compound, a young girl my age called me over. ‘Would you like to hear good news?’ she asked. I came in and listened to God’s Word for the first time. I couldn’t get enough. I went home and listened to the radio messages again on the internet, (they had told me how to find it at the church). I have been listening to the messages every day for the past six months. I am happy to write to you about turning my life toward Jesus. God, in His mercy, had a way of dealing with me and bringing me to His fold. Glory to God.”

It never fails to touch our hearts to see how God brings us to Himself. Praise Him today and keep praying that more like Amaresh “come into the fold.” Thank God for His ways of mercy in our lives.

Thank you for a week of praise and intercession. Next week we head to Europe on our knees.