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The “Bible Belt” of the Soviet Union?

July 05, 2019

Once known as the “Bible Belt” of the former Soviet Union, churches in Ukraine were historically heavily persecuted. Today freedom of religion is improving but is not yet protected by law.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re so glad you’re here to celebrate the great things God’s Word is doing in the lives of listeners in Ukraine.

As one woman from Kirovograd province wrote:

“Regularly I listen to your programs in Ukrainian and I thank God that you exist. I pray for Him to strengthen you not only spiritually, but also physically. May He enlarge the borders of your ministry, so that many more would come to know Jesus. Listening to you, I sometimes cry because of having done so little for Him. In our town I know personally others that also listen to you. There are only good reports. Thank you.”

And another listener wrote:

“I am your listener for many years. Soon I will be 58. Thank you so much for your ministry in transmitting the gospel. I had a lot to go through in life. I tried to find the truth and meaning of life and looked to see the way of good and evil. At one time I was on the verge of atheism, but I did not stop to listen to your gospel programs. With time my sight was opened. I am grateful for your steady guidance that led the way.”

Today let’s give praise for the slow, steady guidance of God’s Word in each of our lives! And let’s ask God to change the hearts of more people in Ukraine.

Join us next week as we travel on our knees through the Middle East and Africa. Until then may God bless and keep you as you walk with Him.