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Crisis leads to life in Turkey

July 09, 2019

When faced with a crisis of any kind, it’s natural for our hearts to be sensitized to the bigger issues of life.

When Mamir, a young Muslim man, faced a life-threatening crisis, he began to explore spiritual things. His story of how the Lord met him in his hospital room and drew him to the truth is nothing short of beautiful. He shares it here.

“I belonged to the religion of my country. My life was almost lost one year ago through a terrible accident. I had to stay at the hospital for one month. During this time of recovery, I listened a lot to the radio. I found your program and it was very interesting to me. You had a different approach about how to see the world and the value of life. Thanks to the very good teacher from my language, it was easy to listen regularly. One of the first things I did when I got out of the hospital was find a Bible of my own and read it along with the holy book of my religion. Now, after one year of searching for the truth, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life was saved twice—in the hospital and at Jesus’ cross.”

Thank God for how He uses times of crisis to get our attention. He overrides cultural systems and casts light on the truth. Pray for more people caught in Islam to find life eternal in Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow is a new day to pray for people with a Muslim background living in Tunisia, join us!