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“I am revived each time I hear your broadcasts.”

August 12, 2019

Although it’s rich in natural resources, Malawi continues to be one of the least developed countries in the world. Inadequate power supplies, water shortages, political corruption, and diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and AIDS are just a few of the struggles Malawians continue to face.

But despite the many adversities, God’s church is growing. More than three fourths of the people in this tiny south African nation claim the Christian faith—like this listener who wrote:

“I am revived each time I hear your broadcasts. One day you were teaching on Philippians 2:25-26 and I was overwhelmed with your explanations. I am very sick and I used to think God abandoned me. But now I know the truth. My request is that you please pray with me so I grow spiritually since I am new in faith.”

Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s pray more people in Malawi will come to know the truth and ask God to use His Word to grow them in faith.

There’s more to pray for in Africa. Join us here tomorrow!