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“I see how awful my life is and I want to change.”

August 13, 2019

“I see how awful my life is and I want to change.”

That’s what we heard from a listener of our Malagasy program on the exotic island of Madagascar. He continued:

“I have many evil habits and from your programs I have learned I live under the bondage of sin. Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes and for giving me advice on how I can live a better life. I have begun to talk with some neighbors about your programs and found they listen too. I live in a very poor, rural area. Your preaching uplifts our weary souls and helps us want to live for Jesus. Please keep broadcasting.”

It’s true—life in Madagascar can be very rough. Around 70 percent of the people live on one dollar per day and survive on small family farming plots. And those who choose to follow Jesus can easily be deceived by the many false teachings and old folk practices that have been a part of the culture for centuries.

So, today, let’s intercede for those living in extreme poverty on the island of Madagascar. Ask God to use Thru the Bible to bring hope and truth, especially to those living in isolated and unreached areas.

Tomorrow, travel with us again and pray for the Muslim-dominant nation of Guinea Bissau. We’ll meet you there.