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“It was a secret between us, and I began to listen…”

August 29, 2019

“Jesus meant nothing to me.”

That’s what one listener of Thru the Bible’s Maithili language program in Jharkhand, India, recently wrote. But as we know, God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. Read the rest of his miraculous story:

“I was brought up in a village with no Christian churches in sight. We only knew about our religion, nothing else was taught or discussed. Isa [Jesus] was a foreign concept. But one day a friend quietly mentioned your program. It was a secret between us, and I began to listen.

“At this point my life was moving without much purpose and I had gotten into bad habits. My friend knew I was unfulfilled and needed help. After hearing your programs I understood that I had to change. Although I have not publicly confessed my faith, I listen and believe. I am afraid my family will find out, but I listen regularly anyway, and I am considering asking them to join me. Your programs bring me comfort and I now know that Jesus is my Savior. Thank you for this incredible gift.”

Praise God for the amazing ways He reaches each one of us! Today pray that more people in Jharkhand, India, and around the world will hear about Jesus and respond in faith. Let’s also ask God to give them bold hearts as they face fears of persecution and learn to trust in Him.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for more of God’s people in India—this time in Maharashtra.