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Praying Psalm 40 for the grieving

September 03, 2019

Psalm 40 says, I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined to me, and heard my cry.”

And that’s what we hear today from a listener of our Ilocano language broadcasts in the Philippines. She writes:

“At 33 years of age I became a widow. I felt as though my life was over. How would I provide for my children? How would I go on? What would become of us? If God loved us why would He take my husband? I began to question everything I knew and sank into a deep depression. One day as I turned on the radio to hide my cries from the children, I heard a familiar program. It was my husband’s favorite, and although I had never listened before, I did that day and the next and the next. As I listened, God gently and slowly spoke to my heart. Our situation didn’t change, but I knew He heard my cries and that made all the difference. Although I still worry, my heart has changed. I pray that like David in Psalm 40, God will change the song in my mouth and others will come to know Him because of it.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Today let’s pray for this faithful sister and others around the world facing paralyzing fear and grief. Ask God to bless them for their faith and “set their feet on His rock and establish their steps” in His love.

Our journey in prayer continues tomorrow as we travel through the “Ring of Fire.” Join us, won’t you?