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“Thank you for helping me see the abundance I have in God.”

September 05, 2019

“Although I am not rich materially, I live in peace. Your teachings are a source of joy and encouragement.”

That’s the good news we hear from a listener in Myanmar today. He continues:

“Through each program I gain much spiritual strength. As I have developed knowledge of God’s Word, my life has changed. Now I have a humble heart, a loving heart, and a kind heart. Instead of worrying about what I do not have, I now trust God and want to share everything with those around me. Thank you for helping me see the abundance I have in God. Everything I have and everything I am is because of His goodness and grace.”

It’s true, everything we have and everything we are is because of God’s goodness and grace. So today let’s praise Him for the many blessings in our lives. May the abundance we find in Him overwhelm us each and every day.

There’s more to pray for tomorrow as our journey takes us on a little detour to Bangladesh. Invite a friend to hop aboard and join us!