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Praying for the first-generation church in Mongolia

October 01, 2019

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Our journey through Northeast Asia this week wouldn’t be complete without a stop to pray for God’s small but growing first-generation church in Mongolia.

Located between Russia and China, much of Mongolia is a barren wasteland. But in this desert, God is doing exciting things. Be encouraged by this story from a listener named Mungunhuu.

“We are a young couple and before listening to your programs, I did not know how to lead my family and care for them in spiritual matters. When I listen to your broadcasts, I feel as though I’m hearing from God Himself. As an architect, I have been encouraged in the recent study of Nehemiah. I am praying God will lead me to build a strong family and be a strong support for His church.”

Faithful young men like Mungunhuu are rare in Mongolia. With less than 2% of Mongolians who know Jesus as their Savior, let’s intercede for this nation and ask God to multiply the number of people who hear and respond in faith to His Word taught on Thru the Bible.

Tomorrow we pray for listeners of our Mandarin broadcast in Taiwan. Hop aboard and join us!