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Breaking through spiritual and cultural barriers

October 25, 2019

Today our World Prayer journey takes us to the world’s most populous island nation—Indonesia. Over 240 million people live on these 6000 islands. And as crazy as it sounds—Indonesians speak more than 700 different languages and dialects!

Indonesians are proud of their cultural diversity. Among many diverse faith practices, about 15% believe in the God of the Bible. Every week Thru the Bible gets great letters from devoted Indonesian listeners. They say:

“My soul is relieved every time I listen to God’s Word on Thru the Bible.”


“Thru the Bible helps me believe in the Lord Jesus. When I trust Him, my struggles and problems find their way out.”

Today ask the Lord to strengthen our Indonesian brothers and sisters as they witness to the one true Light in a dark world. The Muslim majority strongly opposes the influence of the gospel, but despite the obstacles, God’s Word is thriving here. Ask God to continue to break through spiritual and cultural barriers and draw more Indonesians to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Keep praying—your petitions speak to your confidence in God