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“Though poor, we became rich.”

November 07, 2019

Do you remember the night of January 12, 2010? No one whose home is in Haiti can ever forget it. A severe earthquake rocked this island nation, causing huge devastation and loss of life in a country already ravaged by poverty and spiritual need.

In the wake of this earthquake, the precious people of Haiti face challenges every day. Natural disasters (hurricanes, drought, earthquakes) continue, and a 50% unemployment rate and 55% literacy rate are perhaps even greater challenges. In truth, most of the people struggle to meet basic needs, making Haiti the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Pray for those seeking God in Haiti. Most blend elements of faith with a “cultural faith,” which is a form of voodooism in which they worship their ancestors and hope to appease angry spirits. A god who loves them is far from their imagination.

Even so, God is active and powerful through His Word and His people in Haiti. Lift up your brothers and sisters there who write:

“We are new listeners to your program. Thank you for the initiative of teaching the genuine Word of God. It is the best gospel program in the country. It is building us spiritually every day. Though we are poor, we have become rich.”

Today, remember those who in their poverty have become rich through the precious Word of God. 

Tomorrow, we travel on our knees to another beautiful, ravaged nation, Colombia.