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Home to more than a billion people whom God loves

December 11, 2019

India, second in the world’s most populous nations, is home to more than a billion people whom God loves.

We’ve gotten word from a grateful man from the city of Hingoli in Maharashtra who listens to Thru the Bible in his heart language of Marathi—just one of India’s 23 official languages. He says,

God has blessed my family through your teachings in the Word of God. You are our only source of Bible teaching. My spiritual hunger and thirst are well satisfied. We are farmers whose lives depend on our crops. Pray that God blesses us with a good harvest. Thank you for your promised prayers. I believe God is listening!”

Let’s pray for this family in central India, who—like other listeners there—are living testimonies of the Lord of the Harvest at work.

We’ll celebrate God at work again tomorrow right here on World Prayer Today.