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“Your words have given us life …”

December 12, 2019

Although freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed in Vietnam, the harsh reality for many believers includes harassment and persecution. That’s why today we are praising God for the many in Vietnam who hear God’s Word and respond in faith.

Rejoice in this letter we recently received.

“In spite of the darkness that surrounds us, your words have given us life! Every night my family and I sit next to the radio to hear and learn God’s Word. We are so happy when listening to your teaching and sharing. We are encouraged a lot. Letters of listeners’ testimonies from the program have brought us comfort and encouragement. I also learn that His Word has power to fulfill His purpose for our family. We are very grateful to you. Please pray for my wife and I to have steady and strong faith in God’s Word even though it is not very welcome in our village.”

Today, let’s praise God for the faith of this family and others like them in Vietnam! Ask Him to give them strength and courage to withstand those who oppose them.

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