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“Owning a Bible is a dream come true.”

January 02, 2020

“Jambo!” Hello and welcome to Eastern Africa. As we touch down in Kenya and make our way through more than 20 diverse territories, we see a wide range of breathtaking scenery.

From the tropical beaches of the Seychelles, to gorillas in the mist in Rwanda, and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the magnificence of God is more than evident in His creation here.

But look closer, and the hunger crisis facing more than 25.5 million people is likely to leave a lasting impression.

So, as we travel through popular tourist locations and small remote villages, let’s ask God to provide for the physical needs of His people by providing much-needed rain. And let’s also pray that His Word heard on Thru the Bible continues to satisfy their spiritual hunger as well. As one listener of our Swahili broadcasts recently wrote:

“Thank you for sending me a Swahili Bible, it is like a dream come true! I have never owned a Bible and I have always desired to have one. My family always listens, reads, and shares the Word secretly, because of fear. Thank you for your sermons; I listen every morning. They are my daily portion. They are my source of hope in this difficult world. In turn, I try to provide that same hope to others.”

Our journey is just beginning! Join us tomorrow as we pray our way through Central America and the Caribbean.