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“Knowing Jesus is the most important thing.”

January 07, 2020

Though the predominant religion in Southern Europe is reported as Christianity, for many Europeans, religion is more about their history and culture than a relationship with God.

That’s why we’re praising God for listeners like this one in Croatia:

“After listening to many of your programs, I became a Christian. Not long after, I started preaching the gospel, which I proclaim with my whole heart, just as Jesus Christ did. I use your programs as a basis for my knowledge and I ask others to join me.

“Knowing Jesus is the most important thing for one’s complete well-being, both in this temporal life, as well as in eternity. May God bless you bountifully in this most-important of tasks, and may the Holy Spirit take the words of our Lord and impress them on the hearts of His people throughout Croatia.”

What a blessing! As we gather on our knees today, echo this prayer for Croatia, Southern Europe, and the rest of the world.

We’ve been praying … and God is answering! Tomorrow, find out what’s happening in Thru the Bible’s Home Groups that are expanding in Asia.