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“Jesus is the answer to all our problems.”

February 05, 2020

How do you listen to Thru the Bible?

Welcome, World Prayer Team. If you are a regular on the Bible Bus, you’ve heard Steve ask that question a time or two before.

Recently we asked the same of listeners in Eritrea, and what we heard from a large number of them is that they listen to Thru the Bible on WhatsApp.

Originally developed to help businesses interact with customers, we can praise God together in how these letters illustrate how God uses this popular technology for His glory.

  • “I am a regular follower of your Tigrinya Bible study that I receive through WhatsApp. I am from Eritrea but now live in West Africa, where I am a stranger. Your messages give me comfort to handle my problems. Jesus is the answer for all my problems, thank you for continually reminding me of that. God bless you all.”
  • “I was in prison in Eritrea for seven years. Your programs comforted me in loneliness and also encouraged me to pursue more biblical knowledge. Thank you for using WhatsApp social media to reach me. I am a changed person and pray that you keep producing this program.”
  • “I am a refugee. God is my comforter and spiritual teacher through your Bible study presented in the Tigrinya language. The book of Psalms is my favorite. Through your studies on WhatsApp, I have developed a deeper knowledge and closer relationship with God than I could have imagined. Thank you for your explanations and the blessings they bring to my life.”

Isn’t this good news? Today, ask the Lord to lead many others in Eritrea and around the world to His Word via WhatsApp and other new, emerging technology. May His glory be spread in ways we never imagined.

Tomorrow we’ll receive some good news in Uganda. We’ll see you there.