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“We have heard of your prayers and are grateful.”

February 18, 2020

“Almost every indigenous Christian can tell you a story about the difficulties of turning away from Islam to follow Jesus. Mine is just one of many.”

That’s what we recently heard from a listener in Kyrgyzstan. He continues:

“There aren’t many of us, and state restrictions make it difficult to meet together. So, we gather discreetly in homes and listen to your broadcasts. At first we met in my home, but a neighbor found out and threatened to hurt my wife and children. Now we meet somewhere else and are more careful. We have heard of your prayers and are grateful. Please continue to remember us.”

Pray specifically today for listeners of Thru the Bible who live in countries where following Jesus means risking your safety. Pray for their protection and their spiritual growth. Also lift up Thru the Bible’s program producers in these languages. Pray for perseverance and grace for all.

Our worldwide prayer journey continues tomorrow in Uzbekistan. Invite a friend to join us.