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Pray for God’s small, but growing, church in Uzbekistan

February 19, 2020

More Muslims have turned to Jesus in the last 15 years than in the past 1400 years combined.

As we travel on our knees through the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan, pray that more join them.

For most, to be Uzbek is to be Muslim. More than 84 percent of the population claims Islam as their religion, and experts say that of the 61 people groups in Uzbekistan, 34 remain unreached by the gospel. Those who have heard about Jesus have a difficult decision to make. By simply following Him, they can expose themselves and their family to harassment, imprisonment, and even torture.

But despite this, God’s small church is growing. Today ask God to multiply their numbers and ignite their hearts to boldly (and strategically) share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those around them. Pray that Thru the Bible, broadcast in Uzbek, will be discovered by those seeking the Lord. May millions of Uzbeks come to a life-changing relationship with our living God.

Which country is considered the poorest in Central Asia? Find out tomorrow as we travel on our knees.