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“Your programs can be a beacon in the darkness.”

February 24, 2020

Welcome to Spain. As we begin our travels in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, we meet with a listener named Lucas who has an important message to share:

“Don’t stop sharing your spiritually rich messages. In Spain there are still lots of spiritually deaf, blind, and mute people, wandering souls without a clear way and with an uncertain destiny. Your programs can be a beacon to them in the darkness, and your prayers can impact their eternal destiny.”

Yes! Let’s pray everyone who hears Thru the Bible in Spain will be drawn by God’s love into a relationship with Jesus Christ, as they believe on His name. And as we study His Word, may our spirits be responsive to His Spirit’s work in us—growing, convicting, comforting, and challenging us.

Join us tomorrow as a young man in Serbia talks about his traumatic childhood and how God’s Word has brought him peace from the past.