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Encouragement from Greece

February 26, 2020

With its blue-domed villages, terraced vineyards, and black sand beaches, it’s hard to think of anything more beautiful than the landscape of Greece. But as we travel together through the cities, villages, and towns, you’ll agree that the hearts of God’s people are what truly make this country beautiful. Take a moment to be encouraged by these recent emails:

From Giannoula in Kalamata: “I listen to your program and I love it. You are my support! I have enough food, a daughter I love, and a job that provides, but I am often overwhelmed. Your dose of God’s Word gives me strength before going to work, and then I listen again to get through the afternoon and evening. My daughter listens to you too. God’s Word keeps us going.”

And Stelios wrote: “I thank God for your programs. I listen with my grandchildren and pray that His Word will slowly seep into their hearts. Their parents are not believers but allow their children to listen with me. It is my privilege to be their grandfather and my only hope is that they come to love the Lord. Please pray for them.”

And Kyriaki from Nicosia says: “Three years ago, I lost my 40-year-old daughter, and these programs were my consolation. They helped me a lot in my pain. She was a Christian and now that I am one, too, I have hope that I will be reunited with her in heaven. Thank you for teaching me about the true life, eternal life in Christ Jesus.”

Today, let’s praise God for the beautiful hearts of these listeners and all those who faithfully study His Word in Greece. And in a country where more than 98% consider themselves to be orthodox but less than 3% attend church regularly, also pray He uses Thru the Bible to draw the hearts of more Greeks to Himself.

Tomorrow the journey continues in Albania … meet us and invite a friend!