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Hope for the hurting

March 10, 2020

“God heard my cries.”

That’s the good news we recently heard from Manong, who listens to Thru the Bible in his native language of Ilocano. He continues:

“After my wife died, I was depressed and sickly. I stopped going to church and was so lonely I could not get out of bed. That’s when a local pastor visited me and told me about your program. I listened every day, and little by little God’s Word became my source of strength.

“I am learning a lot! And whenever I listen, I don’t feel lonely. I am thankful the Lord heard my silent cries and has strengthened me through His Word. As I listen and learn, I am now praying He will return my joy.”

Regardless of what we’re going through, praise God we can rely on His Word to give us the strength we need each day. Pray today for Manong, and all those facing the tragic loss of loved ones in the Philippines and around the world. As they hop aboard the Bible Bus, ask the Lord to draw them close and give them His full joy as they walk with Him each day (John 15:11).

Join us tomorrow in the high mountains of Vietnam as our journey continues on World Prayer Today.