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“You remind us we are not forgotten by God.”

March 11, 2020

As we land in in Vietnam today, we hear from Tri who writes:

We live far away … but you remind us we are not forgotten by God. I am a young pastor. I lead a church with more than 100 members. Our church is in the high mountain. Thanks to your programs, people can hear God’s Word every day, not just on Sunday. We have learned many things and our knowledge about the Bible has greatly been improved.

“Many of us have formed small groups and listen together. Your teaching is terrific. Because most of our church leaders have had little formal education, it is so hard for them to guide members in understanding the Bible clearly. But now with your help, our people are becoming wise and familiar with God’s Word.”

Praise God for these faithful brothers and sisters who diligently study His Word and desire to know Him better. Pray for their church to grow in His knowledge and be blessed by His Word. Interceded for more people in Vietnam to do the same.

Our mission to travel on our knees through every country of the world extends tomorrow to Thailand. See you then.