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How can we pray for Australian Hindus?

March 31, 2020

With nearly 450,000 followers, Hinduism is one the fastest growing religions in Australia— largely due to emigration.

Today as a World Prayer Team, where we’re praying that God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible in Hindi causes people to abandon their devotion to Brahman (and thousands of other gods) and turn to the one true God, through His Son Jesus Christ.

As we pray today keep in mind:

  • At the core of their faith, Hindus believe truth cannot be found in any one source but must be sought in many.
  • Acts of worship to their deities and living a moral and ethical life are the only things Hindus believe can break the cycle of reincarnation.
  • Although Australia offers freedom of religion, those who leave Hinduism are often shunned by their family and community of faith.

It’s a privilege to pray alongside you. Join us tomorrow as we intercede for God’s Word heard in Hindi to change the hearts and minds of people on the beautiful island of Fiji.